Partners and sponsors

The Bürgenstock Festival works with various partners to hold the concerts and chamber musical festival.
Current partnerships and sponsors:

Media partner Zurich:

«Freunde des Bürgenstock Festivals»:

A big thank you to the «Freunde des Bürgenstock Festival» for their generous support: Monika Gerber and Christoph Heck, Ambros Christen, Dr. Ulrike Niesen, Dr. Anton Lechner, Brigitte Knüsel and Dr. Franz Knüsel, Dr. Helga Kraft.

Bespoke company presence and VIP hospitality

For companies there is the option of designing tailor-made sponsorship arrangements. Invite clients, employees or partners. Enjoy not just a unique concert experience, but benefit too from exceptional VIP hospitality offered by the Bürgenstock Festival in collaboration with the exclusive 5-star superior Hotel Villa Honegg.

We would be happy to meet you personally to discuss your options, such as your company’s presence in our marketing channels.

Mischa Boesiger
phone: +41 41 210 66 44

We look forward to hearing from you!