Bürgenstock-Nase im Winter


Bürgenstock Festival Foundation

The Bürgenstock Festival Foundation was established in 2012 by the Peter Frey family and is based on the Bürgenstock, a magical mountain peninsula in the middle of Lake Lucerne.

The foundation’s objective is to maintain the Bürgenstock’s cultural tradition. To this end it organises exclusive chamber music concerts with internationally renowned musicians during the “Bürgenstock Festival”. This high-quality offering enables the foundation to promote cultural dialogue and enhance the quality of life on the Bürgenstock and beyond.

Music among friends

Artistic directors Andreas Ottensamer and José Gallardo are pursuing the concept of “music with friends”, arranging the concerts in an intimate setting where shared delight in classical music is as important as being together and relaxing.

The concerts are mainly held in the Hotel Villa Honegg on the Bürgenstock and in the historic Bürgenstock Chapel, which became famous around the world when the actress Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer there in 1954. The concert venues have space for between 60 and 80 people. Concerts are also given in concert halls and other venues around Lake Lucerne and in Zürich, and are jointly organised (for example with Kaufleuten Zürich or Grand Casino Luzern).


Die Stiftung Bürgenstock Festival veranstaltet und plant musikalische Anlässe unter den Labels
– Bürgenstock Festival
– Bürgenstock Classics
– Bürgenstock Music
– Bürgenstock Concerts