The Festival takes a break

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Bürgenstock Festival. We are taking it as an opportunity to take a break. This gives us time to think about the future orientation of the festival and to develop new ideas. So there will be no concerts in 2024.

The fact that the festival exists for ten years and that we have been able to present incredible musicians every year (see archive) is due to the artistic directors, Andreas Ottensamer & José Gallardo, as well as the sponsors, partners and friends of the festival. They deserve a big thank you!

And of course there would be no festival if you were not with us, dear audience, dear regular guests: thank you very much for your interest and your fidelity!

We will be happy to inform you here about future decisions and developments.

Best regards,
Your Bürgenstock Festival Team

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Summer Concerts 2023

Our summer concerts from 1 to 3 June 2023 are over, but they remain unforgettable. It was a great honour to present Rolando Villazón in such a small setting as the Bürgenstock Kapelle and to have the fantastic cellist Julia Hagen with us. Together with Andreas Ottensamer and José Gallardo, it was an absolute dream team. See more photos in our archive.